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Dos Hermanas Feria

Spring in Spain is crazy! Starting with Semana Santa, then Sevilla Feria, and so much more! After the Sevilla Feria, we had a week of school, then another Feria! It only lasted 4 days and was much smaller, as it was just for my town, but it was a lot of fun! The Feria was from Thursday through Sunday, but we only had one day of school all week! Monday and Tuesday were off because of "El Dia del Trabajador" or Labor Day, we had normal school on Wednesday, and were off for the Feria the rest of the week! Wednesday night was the "Pescadito" which is the fancy fish dinner for the parents to start off the Feria. This Feria is less formal, so my family didn't dress up in our Flamenco dresses. Some of my friends dressed full Flamenca for a few days, but many people just dressed formally. I had so much fun dancing and having fun with my friends; I definitley reccomend to anyone coming here to take some dance classes! You can enjoy the Feria so much more when you can participate! Also, people are always very surprised and impressed when they discover that the american can dance Flamenco. There were "cacharritos" or attractions/fair rides at the Sevilla Feria, but I only went on those like twice, while I rode so many of them at the Dos Hermanas Feria! There was one huge one that all my friends were scared of that I really wanted to go on, and it took a good bit of convincing, but I finally managed to convince a few to go with me! Dos hermanas feria friends

On the last night of the Ferias, there's always a Fireworks show! I didn't get to see the ones in Sevilla, as I didn't go that day, but I got to see the ones in Dos Hermanas! One of my friends lives on the top floor of his building right next to the Feria, so a big group of us went there to watch, and we had the best seats in the house! I also had my first experience with a cat in Spain while at said friend's house. He has a cat who is so sweet and fluffy and cute!! I've got 2 cats back home and I miss them! Hardly anyone in Spain has a cat, so they're a rare find. 

The other day was one of the biggest soccer games for Seville, as it's between Seville's two teams; Betis and Sevilla! It's called the Derbi game and everyone was sooo excited for it. My family is all hardcore Sevilla fans, so I've sorta adopted that; well, enough to constantly argue with all my Betis friends! We invited a bunch of friends over for the game and made a party of it. (Luckily most of said friends are Sevilla fans!) It was a great game but ended in a tie. It may be an American opinion, but I think it's much more entertaining when a game has a winner and loser; who's content with a tie?? Not me that's for sure! Many of my school friends are for Betis, so it would've been great to have that win, if for nothing else, for the bragging rights!  

I've got pretty much just school all the way until summer, which starts here at the end of June; where'd all the parties go?? I'll definitley miss the Ferias- I hope I can return to visit one some year! 

If anyone has any questions or wants to talk more about my experience here, feel free to DM me on instagram @martha_dd