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La Feria de Sevilla

Saturday finished off the Seville Feria, the festival to celebrate the start of spring. We had been preparing for this week for a long time, and it's finally here! With dance lessons since January and the whole alteration process for our Flamenco dresses, by Saturday evening we were 100% ready for the Feria! The first day I went was Sunday, because Saturday night is just for the adult's dinner. I got all dressed up in my Flamenco Dress, with my hair done up and a massive flower ontop of my head, and headed out with the family.  Feria fam

The first thing I noticed as we walked to the Feria (other than the massive amount of people dressed up in suits and Flamenco dresses!) was the massive "portada" entrance to the Feria. The portada is huge, beautiful, and covered in lights! It changes every year and takes months to build in preparation for the feria. Feria is held in a huge special area that's not used at all the rest of the year. In this area, there are hundreds of "casetas" lining the streets. Each one belongs to a group of families or a club. My family's caseta is called "Los Mosquitos"! Something that I was surprised by in the Feria, was the abundance of horses and horse-drawn carriages, I wasn't expecting that, but it added even more to the whole vibe of it! It felt like I was in a different time period; with structured dresses and carriages, it felt like I had been transported to Victorian England or something!  Portada
Portada Caballos feria
It may sound weird, but during the whole Feria experience, I felt like Mia from The Princess Diaries (love that movie btw!) Coming to Spain, I got a whole new life, just like Mia. I have my special dresses for Feria, and learned how to dance and act in a new way, just like Mia did! 

Feria was an amazing experience full of dancing, eating, and hanging out with friends! The environment of Feria was amazing, with music all around and everyone carefree. I had a fabulous first Feria, and I hope it won't be my last!

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