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Semana Santa in Sevilla!

I've been with my host family for over 2 months now, but it feels like it has been so much longer but also no time at all, simultaneously! I'm so adjusted into life here it feels so natural. Last week is the end of the second trimester at my school, so two weeks ago, the week was filled with tests and presentations, it was crazy! Last week was nice and chill, though. Tuesday I went on a field trip with my art class to an old folk's home. There, we drew their portraits and just hung out with them for the day. We even danced some Flamenco! On Wednesday we went on a field trip into Sevilla to see "los pasos" for Semana Santa.  Paso 4

Paso 4

The name of the last one is "San Marta"! 

On Thursday and Friday I was too sick to go to school, but according to my friends, they just watched movies and hung out all day. On Friday morning, Lucia (my host sister) and I went to the hospital, because we both were very sick. At home, we don't go to the doctor's much if we're sick, but here they do more often. I was surprised by how easy the whole process was, we were in and out within the hour! The rest of Friday, Lucia and I watched 11 episodes of Pretty Little Liars (11!) Well, we had nothing better to do! 

Sunday was "Domingo de Ramos" the first day of Semana Santa! We went into Sevilla and saw a bunch of "pasos." The streets were packed like crazy, but it made the atmosphere so fun! The pasos, nazarenos, and music were all around; it was all so beautiful! It's crazy to think that there's 40 men under each paso, carrying them, and each man has to carry around 100 pounds!

Ddr paso1
Ddr paso1

Semana Santa truly is an incredible experience, and we're not even halfway done yet! Tomorrow, my parents will come visit! I'm so excited to show them around Sevilla, Semana Santa, and everything in my life here! A bunch of my friends are so excited to meet them too. I can't wait to see my parents, and the rest of Semana Santa! 

If anyone has any questions or anything feel free to DM me on Instagram @Martha_dd