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Story time (物語の時間) #1

Story time: Lost and saved by ramen?!

A week ago I moved to a new host family. The first day, on my way back home from school, I got lost. Oh, and it was pouring rain too. So lost and drenched as I was, I wandered into a ramen shop to ask for directions to the station so that my host family could pick me up. Three employees gathered and were confused as to why there was a crazy foreigner, completely drenched and speaking Japanese. They were shocked at first but then they tried to explain the directions. I said I only understood about half of what they said and so they told another employee to take me to the station. We got about halfway until my host dad found me though. Well anyways, today my host family and I went there to eat dinner and the guy that guided me immediately recognized me and vice versa. When my host dad was paying we explained how I was doing a home stay and we thanked him for guiding me. I only managed a small "thank you" because of my shyness and I wish I could've thanked him properly, but at least I brought my host family to eat there. It was pretty nice and the food was good too. It might not seem like a big deal, and maybe it isn't, but it's those little things that turn your day around.