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A really Chilean Field Trip

I have now made it home, and am working on a few final posts, but for now here is a summary of a field trip I took with my curso a few weeks ago, that for some reason never posted.

Last Wednesday I took a field trip with my entire curso to Santiago. We were supposed to be at the school at 7:30 so the bus could leave at 8. Pretty reasonable right? I set my alarm fifteen minutes earlier than normal and went to bed excited for a day with my classmates in the Capital. 

Well, I started off the day by sleeping through my alarm for the first time since I've been here. I probably would have remained sleeping if my host mom had not knocked on my door asking if I was awake. This was at 7, the time I was planning on getting on the micro. I showered and got dressed, and ate some bread all in record time, and then tried to explain to my mom why I didn't want to eat more or sit down and wait for some tea. She kept telling me that Chileans are late for everything, so I shouldn't worry about making it on time. Regardless of this, and because I'm the type of person I am, I rushed out the door and somehow made it to school with ten minutes until 8.I should've listened to my mom, because when I arrived we were still missing a majority of my class. Much to my surprise the bus left almost exactly at 8 and we were on the road! 35 students, our profesor jefe, and one assistant teacher. 

Our journey lasted for about five minutes until we stopped at the other Maritimo building (where the juniors and seniors are) and our teachers had to talk to the administration from the other part of the school. Our first stop was to be La Moneda, with a guided tour inside. We arrived at the moneda promptly an hour late (due to traffic and the lengthy stop at the other school), missing our opportunity for the tour and making the guards and people who worked there very frustrated. We were allowed inside and we took a few pictures and then had to leave.

Morin, me and Escarlet

The entire class, 2D

Next we went to the Cultural Center right next to La Moneda. We were allowed to explore for a little bit and then we checked out the Andy Warhol/Pop art exhibit.


After that we went to Cerro Santa Lucia, which had awesome views of the snowy mountains.

Laura, Paula, Me, Joel, Tiare, and Gustavo

Before our teacher let us roam free in the little park we agreed on a time to all meet back below. When this time came around and then ten minutes passed and we were still missing two of our classmates, our teacher told us to go and get on the bus. He said we were going to leave them behind and their parents would have to come look for them. Of course this led to protest and people began calling the two girls. A few minutes later with neither of the girls answering their phones we were all walking to get on the bus when the girls came running up behind us. They had gotten a little lost and we had almost left them behind. The same thing happened with three boys when we were leaving the park where we ate lunch. They lost track of time, and we all called them while our teacher told us to get on the bus. This time we all made it onto the bus and the bus was pulling out of the lot as the three boys come chasing the bus, and made it just in time.

The original plan was to also go to a planetarium, but this particular Wednesday (June 28th) the Chilean national team was playing Portugal so the planetarium was closed. We went to a nearby park, ate lunch, listened to part of the game, walked around and after too many rounds of  'el piso es lava**' we were ready to get back on the bus back to Valpo.

**( 'the floor is lava', side note this has been going on the past few weeks, mostly during school and it's a game/challenge that whenever you hear it you have to pretend the floor is lava and quickly jump on furniture or anything to get off the ground).

The bus ride home was actually so much fun, as an entire class we listened to the remainder of the Chile/Portugal semi-final game. It went to a shoot out and the excitement in the bus was absolutely crazy. Everyone was screaming, cheering and the two people who had live video on their phones were surrounded. Chile won 3-0 putting everyone in a good mood for the remainder of the ride.

I got off the bus with my friends at plaza Sotomayor where I immediately ran into some friends of one of the other exchange students. They recognized me, and roped me into an interview (in English) for their final project.

After this my friends and I walked to plaza Victoria where there is this little ride that looks like a boat. My friends have been trying to convince me to go on it the entire time I've been here (they claim that anyone who lives in Valparaiso has ridden it at least once when they were a little kid). Unfortunately the pirate ship was not open by the time we got there. It wasn't a total bust though, I tried cuchufli for the first time (these are little wafer like tubes filled with manjar and sometimes dipped in chocolate) and we hung out talking for the rest of the night.

Cuchufli for the first time

Here are a few pictures from my friend Escarlet's quince (15th birthday party, think sweet sixteen). We were told to come semi-formal and we did a lot of dancing, singing and more dancing.

I've got a lot more coming, final thoughts, final explorations in Chile, goodbyes and big take aways. So stay tuned,