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Sopaipillas and la lluvia

As you may remember, when it rains we make sopaipillas. No ifs ands or buts about it.

The other day I learned how to make sopaipillas with Sra. Maria, our nana and my host mom (whom we call Mumi). Below you will find as much of a recipe as we followed.

First thing first: the pumpkin gets cut up and thrown into a pot

Next goes water, and this will heat up until the pumpkin is softer

Prepare some flour. Exact amount: some

Add mashed pumpkin along with some melted butter to flour

Without burning your hands, knead the dough until it forms one mass

Roll out thin and cut into circles.

**Note for this step you may only use the tea mug la Mumi uses every single day

It's the perfect size and makes great circles

Repeat with all of the dough

Poke some holes

Into the oil they go for a few minutes, until golden-ish

Final step is to enjoy!!

We also made Chancaca sauce, which is very sweet and has cinnamon, sugar, orange and chancaca.

Extra tip from my host mom: The sopaipillas that aren't pretty go in the chancaca sauce, and the pretty ones are left to be eaten dry

Sopaipillas can be eaten plain (seco)

Sweet: with manjar or in chancaca sauce (sopaipillas pasadas).

Savory: with ketchup/mayo/mustard, with pebre (herbs, tomato, garlic, onion), butter, avocado or cheese.

Rainy Days (lluvia is rain)

Chileans are funny in the sense that when it rains, everything stops. Practically no one goes to school and it's very strange. Those who do go to school don't use their uniform. Last Friday when it rained the grand total of people in my class (including me) was four. Normally my class has thirty-six.

The other cursos had similar numbers and no class had more than 15 students. Because of this we joined up with the other cursos and had classes with them. Eventually they let us go home early and because at the time it wasn't actually raining me and a few friends walked from our school to the Plaza Anibal Pinto and then up around Cerro Alegre.

Colorful houses while walking down from school

Check out the song "La Joya del Pacifico" it's all about different places in Valparaiso

Joel and I

It's been pretty cold the last few weeks and raining on and off, but that has yet to stop us from going out and exploring. 

These pictures are from the other weekend when I went out with my friends from school on a little "tour" of Valpo. We walked all around and ended up checking out some abandoned buildings and then eating chaparritas (empanadas with a hot dog and cheese inside).

Jose, Morin, Paula, me and Manuel


Last week I went with my sister to her University. She goes to la Universidad Adolfo Ibanez (Link here to a video of the campus). First we went to a nearby lake (Laguna Sausalito) which was right next to Estadio Sausalito (soccer stadium which hosted a few games in the 2015 copa america), and then walked to her university ate lunch and she gave me a little tour. 

Before coming to Chile I had been on exactly two college tours. One with my sister at a school that I was not even slightly interested in and she was looking at, and another that just happened to be on my way to a dance competition. For the past few months I have put off thinking about college tours, applications, test scores, GPA's and anything related to my senior year that starts when I get back. I know as soon as I go back to VT it will be a crazy rush to choose what I want to do and where I want to go, especially considering I haven't even started thinking about anything like that. 

This University (like most in Vina/Valpo) doesn't have on campus housing. A lot of people live with their families through college and many times until their late 20's. If someone doesn't live close to the University, they have to move into an apartment in the city or find living separate from the school.

Not a great picture, but it had an awesome view of Vina

Fran and I


Laguna Sausalito 


Flower crown we made


When I wrote this it was raining and very windy and we had just finished watching Chile tie with Australia, staying inside all day because it wasn't very nice out. In contrast today was in the high sixties all day and sunny.

Last Thursday they let us out of school early, and one of our teachers said it was because of the game. I went to the mall with my friends from school and we could hear everyone's reactions to Chile (la roja) scoring and then again when Germany scored. 

It still fascinates me how big of a deal soccer is here (especially when the national team is playing). Last Sunday when la Roja was playing I was walking around with a friend and from the streets we could hear everyone cheering inside their houses. Complete with an airhorn and car horns from below. It was really cool knowing how many people were watching. 

Chao, Kat