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Cooking in France!

Hello! We're really getting close to the end of my time abroad - just two weeks left with my host family. If you've seen some of my early posts, you may have noticed pictures of me with various things I cooked/baked. While in France, I have cooked a lot more than I did at home, largely due to this thing my host family has called a "thermomix" which makes cooking very easy. It's like an electronic mixer with a removable bowl, but it's also a cooking scale and can load up recipes. Anyways, this'll be a post going over some of the things I made in the kitchen while in France.

IMG_5334Fried rice, January 2017

I think this is the first thing I cooked for my host family and myself in France: fried rice. I was very proud of this and included my recipe for it in one of my early blog posts. I haven't had the chance to make it again, but I remember it being very very good.

IMG_5466Crepes! Also in January

I remember this one because we had a ton of leftover crepe batter after the Tremplin', which is a rock competition that my host dad helps run (and takes place in January). We ended up making a TON of crepes, but it was 100% worth it because who doesn't like crepes?

IMG_5743Loco Moco, February 2017

This one was completed after about 2 hours of cooking or so. I had also forgotten the kilograms are 2.2 pounds. The metric system is used in France, like pretty much everywhere else. Anyways, I bought 750 grams of beef to make burger patties for three people and they ended up being (surprisingly) gigantic. 

IMG_7274Burgers, March 2017

My host mom really wanted me to prepare burgers for us one weekend, probably because I'm American, so I did. They were yummy and we had all the fixings - tomato, lettuce, cheese, etc etc. I even made some fried onions.

IMG_6394Marble pound cake, March 2017

This one is a vanilla-chocolate marble pound cake. This one I made with the ThermoMix. It was pretty easy and really good (probably has something to do with the fact that it calls for 300 grams of butter). I've made this several times without all the butter and it tastes just as good though.

IMG_6741Mac 'n' cheese and roasted potatoes, April 2017

This was what I think we call "carbolicious". Oven-baked mac 'n' cheese with bacon and breadcrumbs and maple syrup roasted fingerling potatoes. It was good. But it was heavy. It was also very entertaining to see French people trying to say "oven-baked mac 'n' cheese with maple syrup roasted fingerling potatoes" after asking me what it was (I made this for dinner one evening when we had people coming over for dinner).

IMG_6928Mushroom tart, May 2017

This is another thing from the ThermoMix. There were 750g of mushrooms and that is a lot of mushrooms. I usually don't like eating mushrooms, but this was actually good. Also the crust was really yummy. It's not that complicated to make either, you basically just steam mushrooms with a bunch of spices and then bake it in two crusts for 40 minutes so.

IMG_7292Quiche, May 2017

This isn't my first quiche I've made in France, but it's the one I've liked the most. It's goat cheese, bacon, and fried onions. Quiches are pretty simple if you already have the crust, and they're tasty.

So those are some of the things I've cooked while in France. I've made a lot of other things, like a bunch of various soups and cakes, but I don't have too many pictures on my computer of those. Actually I don't have too many pictures of me coking and/or things I've cooked on my computer. I was planning for this to be longer. I did not think this through. But I'm at six hundred and fifty words, I can't back out now!

Anyways, since my departure is coming up very quickly, my host mom has started making jokes about how she'll miss her cook when I leave. 

Now it's time......for the

Weekly ReCap

Some notable events from the past week include:

  • Me making the saddest "tripod" ever for my iPhone to record an interview of my host mom

IMG_7291That's the sugar bowl on top of a metal cookie tin on top of a salad bowl. Don't judge

  • I had no school on Thursday or Friday
  • I went to this cool outdoor bar place where my host dad was running the sound for the band Saturday night

IMG_7316Here's the bar. It's called the Bar O

IMG_7346Here's a grainy picture with my host dad at the sound bar

  • Sunday was French Mother's Day, so I made my host mom a card. I also ordered her a gift from Amazon, but that has not arrived as of now

IMG_7344Me and my host mom with the card I made her (she's wearing the sunglasses my dad brought her)

Until next week!